Edu-Tech Resources

Websearch: Google Search Training
Moodle: Design Like a Web Page
Blended: 7 Strategies to Improve Online Learning
Blended: Harvard Profs & Interactive Learning
Classroom Management, Effective Instruction, & Student Motivation
PLN: Levels of Technology Integration
Social Networking: Ways to Use Google + in the Classroom
Videos: Easy and Free Sites for Creating a Content Area Video Blog,,,
Blogs: Creating Writing Activities Using Blogging
Moodle: Creating Interactive Moodle Blogs
Infographics: Creating Infographics
Websearch: Good Video for Student’s Conducting Websearches
Collaborative Learning: Video on Using Stations
Brain Research: Brain Mapping for Students with Dyslexia
Websites: Great highlighter feature that helps you underline websites for students
Webconferencing: Cool Projects with Skype (Creating a Book Club), (IB Literature Discussions), (Thanksgiving), (Practicing Graphing), (Regional Skype Pals)
 PLN: YouTube for Teachers
Flipped Classroom: Instructional Videos (Pt 1), (Pt 2), (Pt 3), (Pt 4)
Flipped Classroom: Reason to Consider Flipping Classrooms
Flipped Classroom: How to Create Your Videos 
Distance Learning: How to Help Students Fail Online Courses
 File Editing: Splitting Pages of PDF Files
 File Editing: Highlighting, Annotating, Underlining PDF files
 File Editing: Converting PDF files into Interactive Flip Books
 File Editing: Converting PDF to Doc Files
 Instruction: Confessions of a Converted Lecturer (Harvard Prof, Eric Mazur)
 Projects: Creating Ebook Yearbooks of Student Work
 Moodle: Lightbox Gallery
 Flipped Classroom: Growing Trend Article
 Blended: Another Model of Blended Learning
Classroom Mgmt: Top 10 Ways to Wake up Students
 Standards: TEKS-based Lesson Plans on 4 Core Subjects
 Podcasts: Mutiple Sites for All Things Podcast
Podcasts we like:
Steven Fry: Don’t Mind Your Language
12th and 13th year IB English Students
NPR Podcast Directory
NPR Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
NPR All Things Considered
TED Talks
Science Friday
Seedlings Podcast
NPR This I Believe
Prizker Military Library
Al Jazeera Podcasts
Wesley Fryer’s blog:
Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcasts
Fuel for Educational Change Agents
Sources for Finding Podcasts
EdTechTalk for audio books
Other Stuff:
Podcaster for iOS (mobile podcatching software, free, an alternative to iTunes)
iOS Podcasts on the Go (includes instructions about using Podcaster)
RSS defined
Switch Software:
Podcast Generator Software:
 Instructino: Lecture Capturing Tools
 Instruction: Students Tired of Hearing Your Voice? Academic Earth: This site provides hundreds of free video lectures from professors at leading universities such as Yale, Stanford, Harvard, and more.The OpenCourseWare Consortium: According to, ”Simply put, the OpenCourseWare Consortium is the best place to begin looking for free online video lectures”.Free Video Lectures: This site’s vision: ”Every body from every nook and corner of the world should be able to access the best Knowledge Resources available.” Almost 7000 video lectures, with a high emphasis on Computer Science. This site makes good use of Web 2.0 tools, having a Facebook Group and Twitter account. This site also introduced me to the interesting “Opencast Project” open courseware initiative.

LearnersTV: ”Video Lectures, Video Courses, Science Animations, Lecture Notes, Online Test, Lecture Presentations. Absolutely Free”

Lecture Fox: This site is a central link respository with a very simple interface (I like the simple way in which they indicate whether each lecture has video, audio, and/or notes available).

YouTube EDU: While not all of these videos are lectures, many of them are. A search for “lecture” in this special YouTube section yields “about 60,000″ results!

 Resource: Formatting Papers

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