BobIn 1671, John Flavel (1982) once said, “Truth is the sanctifying instrument, John xvii. 17. the mould into which our souls are cast, Rom. vi. 17. according therefore to the stamps and impressions it makes upon our understandings, and the order in which truths lie there, will be the depth and lastingness of their impressions and influences upon the heart; as, the more weight is laid upon the seal, the more fair and lasting impression is made upon the wax. He that sees the grounds and reasons of his peace and comfort most clearly, is like to maintain it the more constantly” (p. 23).

Endeavoring to deeply impress students in right order, Bob Bryant has served the Christian community as ordained minister and principal for over thirty years. He currently serves as principal of a Christian college preparatory boarding school named San Marcos Academy. During his many years in church and school leadership, he has lead in a broad array of school improvement models including AdvancED, SACS, TEA, ACTABS, ICAA, and ACSI. He continues to network stakeholders, provide teacher development using his years of involvement with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).  He currently is in the Ed.D. program at Regent University with a Distance Education concentration.


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